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void TiXmlAttribute::Print ( FILE *  cfile,
int  depth 
) const [virtual]

All TinyXml classes can print themselves to a filestream. This is a formatted print, and will insert tabs and newlines.

(For an unformatted stream, use the << operator.)

Implements TiXmlBase.

Definition at line 1265 of file tinyxml.cpp.

      TIXML_STRING n, v;

      PutString( name, &n );
      PutString( value, &v );

      if (value.find ('\"') == TIXML_STRING::npos)
            fprintf (cfile, "%s=\"%s\"", n.c_str(), v.c_str() );
            fprintf (cfile, "%s='%s'", n.c_str(), v.c_str() );

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