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int TiXmlBase::Row (  )  const [inline, inherited]

Return the position, in the original source file, of this node or attribute. The row and column are 1-based. (That is the first row and first column is 1,1). If the returns values are 0 or less, then the parser does not have a row and column value.

Generally, the row and column value will be set when the TiXmlDocument::Load(), TiXmlDocument::LoadFile(), or any TiXmlNode::Parse() is called. It will NOT be set when the DOM was created from operator>>.

The values reflect the initial load. Once the DOM is modified programmatically (by adding or changing nodes and attributes) the new values will NOT update to reflect changes in the document.

There is a minor performance cost to computing the row and column. Computation can be disabled if TiXmlDocument::SetTabSize() is called with 0 as the value.

See also:

Definition at line 195 of file tinyxml.h.

{ return location.row + 1; }

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