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TiXmlDeclaration Member List

This is the complete list of members for TiXmlDeclaration, including all inherited members.

Clone() const TiXmlDeclaration [virtual]
Column() const TiXmlBase [inline]
COMMENT enum value (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
ConvertUTF32ToUTF8(unsigned long input, char *output, int *length) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [protected, static]
CopyTo(TiXmlDeclaration *target) const (defined in TiXmlDeclaration)TiXmlDeclaration [protected]
CopyTo(TiXmlNode *target) const (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [protected]
DECLARATION enum value (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
DOCUMENT enum value (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
ELEMENT enum value (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
encoding (defined in TiXmlDeclaration)TiXmlDeclaration [private]
Encoding() const TiXmlDeclaration [inline]
errorString (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [protected, static]
FirstChild() const TiXmlNode [inline]
FirstChild() (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [inline]
FirstChild(const char *value) const TiXmlNode
FirstChild(const char *value)TiXmlNode
firstChild (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [protected]
FirstChildElement() const TiXmlNode
FirstChildElement() (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
FirstChildElement(const char *value) const TiXmlNode
FirstChildElement(const char *value) (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
GetChar(const char *p, char *_value, int *length, TiXmlEncoding encoding) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [inline, protected, static]
GetDocument() const TiXmlNode
GetDocument() (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
GetEntity(const char *in, char *value, int *length, TiXmlEncoding encoding) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [protected, static]
GetUserData() (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [inline]
Identify(const char *start, TiXmlEncoding encoding) (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [protected]
InsertAfterChild(TiXmlNode *afterThis, const TiXmlNode &addThis)TiXmlNode
InsertBeforeChild(TiXmlNode *beforeThis, const TiXmlNode &addThis)TiXmlNode
InsertEndChild(const TiXmlNode &addThis)TiXmlNode
IsAlpha(unsigned char anyByte, TiXmlEncoding encoding) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [protected, static]
IsAlphaNum(unsigned char anyByte, TiXmlEncoding encoding) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [protected, static]
IsWhiteSpace(char c) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [inline, protected, static]
IsWhiteSpace(int c) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [inline, protected, static]
IsWhiteSpaceCondensed()TiXmlBase [inline, static]
IterateChildren(const TiXmlNode *previous) const TiXmlNode
IterateChildren(TiXmlNode *previous) (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
IterateChildren(const char *value, const TiXmlNode *previous) const TiXmlNode
IterateChildren(const char *value, TiXmlNode *previous) (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
LastChild() const (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [inline]
LastChild()TiXmlNode [inline]
LastChild(const char *value) const (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
LastChild(const char *value)TiXmlNode
lastChild (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [protected]
LinkEndChild(TiXmlNode *addThis)TiXmlNode
location (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [protected]
next (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [protected]
NextSibling() const TiXmlNode [inline]
NextSibling() (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [inline]
NextSibling(const char *) const TiXmlNode
NextSibling(const char *) (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
NextSiblingElement() const TiXmlNode
NextSiblingElement() (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
NextSiblingElement(const char *) const TiXmlNode
NextSiblingElement(const char *) (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
NoChildren() const TiXmlNode [inline]
NodeType enum nameTiXmlNode
operator<< (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [friend]
operator=(const TiXmlDeclaration &copy) (defined in TiXmlDeclaration)TiXmlDeclaration
parent (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [protected]
Parent()TiXmlNode [inline]
Parent() const (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [inline]
Parse(const char *p, TiXmlParsingData *data, TiXmlEncoding encoding) (defined in TiXmlDeclaration)TiXmlDeclaration [virtual]
prev (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [protected]
PreviousSibling() const TiXmlNode [inline]
PreviousSibling() (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [inline]
PreviousSibling(const char *) const TiXmlNode
PreviousSibling(const char *) (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
Print(FILE *cfile, int depth) const TiXmlDeclaration [virtual]
PutString(const TIXML_STRING &str, TIXML_OSTREAM *out) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [protected, static]
PutString(const TIXML_STRING &str, TIXML_STRING *out) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [protected, static]
ReadName(const char *p, TIXML_STRING *name, TiXmlEncoding encoding) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [protected, static]
ReadText(const char *in, TIXML_STRING *text, bool ignoreWhiteSpace, const char *endTag, bool ignoreCase, TiXmlEncoding encoding) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [protected, static]
RemoveChild(TiXmlNode *removeThis)TiXmlNode
ReplaceChild(TiXmlNode *replaceThis, const TiXmlNode &withThis)TiXmlNode
Row() const TiXmlBase [inline]
SetCondenseWhiteSpace(bool condense)TiXmlBase [inline, static]
SetUserData(void *user) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [inline]
SetValue(const char *_value)TiXmlNode [inline]
SkipWhiteSpace(const char *, TiXmlEncoding encoding) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [protected, static]
Standalone() const TiXmlDeclaration [inline]
standalone (defined in TiXmlDeclaration)TiXmlDeclaration [private]
StreamOut(TIXML_OSTREAM *out) const (defined in TiXmlDeclaration)TiXmlDeclaration [protected, virtual]
StringEqual(const char *p, const char *endTag, bool ignoreCase, TiXmlEncoding encoding) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [protected, static]
TEXT enum value (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
TIXML_ERROR enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_DOCUMENT_EMPTY enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_EMBEDDED_NULL enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_FAILED_TO_READ_ELEMENT_NAME enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_OPENING_FILE enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_PARSING_CDATA enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_PARSING_COMMENT enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_PARSING_DECLARATION enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_PARSING_ELEMENT enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_PARSING_EMPTY enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_PARSING_UNKNOWN enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_READING_ATTRIBUTES enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_READING_ELEMENT_VALUE enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_READING_END_TAG enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_ERROR_STRING_COUNT enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TIXML_NO_ERROR enum value (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase
TiXmlBase() (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [inline]
TiXmlDeclaration()TiXmlDeclaration [inline]
TiXmlDeclaration(const char *_version, const char *_encoding, const char *_standalone)TiXmlDeclaration
TiXmlDeclaration(const TiXmlDeclaration &copy) (defined in TiXmlDeclaration)TiXmlDeclaration
TiXmlNode(NodeType _type) (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [protected]
ToComment() const TiXmlNode [inline, virtual]
ToComment()TiXmlNode [inline, virtual]
ToDeclaration() const TiXmlDeclaration [inline, virtual]
ToDeclaration()TiXmlDeclaration [inline, virtual]
ToDocument() const TiXmlNode [inline, virtual]
ToDocument()TiXmlNode [inline, virtual]
ToElement() const TiXmlNode [inline, virtual]
ToElement()TiXmlNode [inline, virtual]
ToLower(int v, TiXmlEncoding encoding) (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [inline, protected, static]
ToText() const TiXmlNode [inline, virtual]
ToText()TiXmlNode [inline, virtual]
ToUnknown() const TiXmlNode [inline, virtual]
ToUnknown()TiXmlNode [inline, virtual]
Type() const TiXmlNode [inline]
type (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [protected]
TYPECOUNT enum value (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
UNKNOWN enum value (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode
userDataTiXmlBase [protected]
utf8ByteTable (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [static]
value (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [protected]
Value() const TiXmlNode [inline]
Version() const TiXmlDeclaration [inline]
version (defined in TiXmlDeclaration)TiXmlDeclaration [private]
~TiXmlBase() (defined in TiXmlBase)TiXmlBase [inline, virtual]
~TiXmlDeclaration() (defined in TiXmlDeclaration)TiXmlDeclaration [inline, virtual]
~TiXmlNode() (defined in TiXmlNode)TiXmlNode [virtual]

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