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void TiXmlDocument::SetTabSize ( int  _tabsize  )  [inline]

SetTabSize() allows the error reporting functions (ErrorRow() and ErrorCol()) to report the correct values for row and column. It does not change the output or input in any way.

By calling this method, with a tab size greater than 0, the row and column of each node and attribute is stored when the file is loaded. Very useful for tracking the DOM back in to the source file.

The tab size is required for calculating the location of nodes. If not set, the default of 4 is used. The tabsize is set per document. Setting the tabsize to 0 disables row/column tracking.

Note that row and column tracking is not supported when using operator>>.

The tab size needs to be enabled before the parse or load. Correct usage:

		TiXmlDocument doc;
		doc.SetTabSize( 8 );
		doc.Load( "myfile.xml" );

See also:
Row, Column

Definition at line 1332 of file tinyxml.h.

{ tabsize = _tabsize; }

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